The Franklin FIVE for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Whether you’re an entrepreneur striving to get a good thing going, or an established business battling the everyday battles that a going concern faces, knowing how well things are going – or not – is key to your enterprise’s future success.

We know how to help you get a handle on things: you use a tool we’ve developed called the Franklin FIVE Indicator.

• Having a business plan that is incomplete, unfocused, not compelling, or simply not implemented.

• Not having the right management team in place.

• Failing to address a real need in the marketplace.

• Getting the distribution channels wrong.

• Lacking the funds needed to sustain and grow the business.

The Franklin FIVE (Franklin’s Index of Vibrant Enterprises) Indicator reviews 31 metrics critical to your success. They are grouped into these five major categories:

• Management

• Financials

• Product / Service

• Marketing / Sales

• Operations / Planning

Some metrics are more important than others, and the FIVE methodology takes that into account.

Compiling these metrics results in the overall FIVE Indicator value for your enterprise. This enables you to assess how well the various operations in your business are doing, as well as identify areas that may need improvement.